Blairstown Glaucoma Treatment

Blairstown Glaucoma Treatment

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Glaucoma Treatment in Blairstown

It’s unsettling to realize that eye disease can develop and progress without any obvious symptoms until it reaches an advanced stages. But that’s exactly what can happen with glaucoma, which is linked to vision loss, optic nerve damage, and even blindness. Here at Blairstown Eye Associates, we offer yearly screenings to ensure timely diagnosis and treatment, which reduces the chances of experiencing the worst consequences.

When your eyes make more eye fluid than they drain, fluid builds up and increases your internal eye pressure, causing glaucoma. Ordinarily, the disease moves at a steady pace, but can be hastened due to an eye injury, chemical contamination, inflammation, or infection. Both eyes are usually affected, though one eye may have it worse. Among the signs that you may need our Blairstown glaucoma treatment are vision loss, redness in your eyes, seeing halos surrounding light, eye pain, tunnel vision, and even nausea and vomiting. If you notice any of the preceding indications, you should seek our care immediately, since they probably mean a later stage and a more urgent requirement for our Blairstown glaucoma treatment. Addressing the condition can be done with eye drops that lead to production of less fluid. However, this method does not work for everyone. Furthermore, even if it does perform properly, you would need to take the eye drops for life in order to maintain the effects. Laser treatments offer a permanent solution by improving the efficiency of fluid drainage. And yet a third possibility is microsurgery, in which a new and more effective channel for drainage is created.

Which of the options when it comes to our Blairstown glaucoma treatment is most suitable for you? All you need do is contact our office so that we can schedule an appointment for you to come in for an examination with our eye specialist.

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